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Is founded by a group of F1 loving entrepreneurs from the the Netherlands. Our mission is to see the Grand Prix race in the Netherlands from 2020. To achieve this, we run campaigns to promote the Dutch GP proposition. We are self-funded.


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The Dutch Grand Prix 2020

The Netherlands would love to host a Dutch 2020 Formula One Grand Prix – and is delighted to be able to offer a choice of two superb venues;  Assen or Zandvoort. 

TT Circuit Netherlands Assen hosts the largest professional motor and car racing events in the Netherlands. It is superbly positioned, close to an international airport, major Dutch and European cities and is fully equipped with the perfect facilities in which to hold an international Grand Prix event.


Why Business Club Assen loves TT Circuit Netherlands:


We want as many fans as possible to experience a Dutch Formula One race live

A Grand Prix can attract over 130.000 visitors on the actual race day.  TT Circuit Netherlands has professional grandstands which accommodate 130.000 fans per day, totalling almost 400.000 over a 3 day period.


We want the tickets to be as affordable as possible to encourage large audiences and ensure maximum enjoyment

Organizing a GP is an expensive business. TT Circuit Netherlands can accommodate all 400,000 fans and can therefore spread its costs over a large number, ensuring reasonably priced tickets for its visitors.  Inexpensive accommodation and parking are also readily available in the area.


We want sponsors to reach as many fans as possible, at the lowest costs.

Sponsors want to reach as many fans as possible at the lowest costs. TT Circuit Netherlands can accommodate almost 400.000 fans over a GP weekend, and has built a positive business case without the need for additional sponsor fees.


We want to the whole world to enjoy a Dutch GP on a superb and exciting track

TT Circuit Netherlands is famous for its stunning and exciting track.  It has adequate width for an international GP, with awesome hairpins, turns and straights. It is guaranteed to deliver excellent footage of the race, track, grandstands, the fans and the beautiful natural surroundings. This area boasts the greatest racing heritage of the Netherlands, dating back to 1925.


We want to reduce traffic, parking and noise to the minimum.

Typically, over a hundred thousand fans will travel to a GP race. If held in Zandvoort we are concerned that tens of thousands of fans from the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium might end up in huge traffic jams throughout the Dutch provinces and that the nature reservation dunes will be adversely affected by construction and the crowds.

TT Circuit Netherlands offers the shortest time from home to grandstand from all major Dutch, German and Belgian cities It has excellent direct access from the major highways and offers plenty of parking facilities. TT Circuit Netherlands also has an international airport nearby and can accomodate private jets.  Helicopter landing facilities are available close to the track.


We want to reduce public expenditure to a minimum.

TT Circuit Netherlands is financially healthy and secure. It has invested 70 million euros in track, facilities, infrastructure and renewable energy. Additional public funding is not required.


We want to turn the GP into an awesome party.

A Grand Prix race is a party by itself.  The Dutch know how to throw a great party. We are famous for our camping and dance events, rock festivals and Kingsday parties and are close to the cities of Assen, Groningen and Amsterdam. It’s going to be a super weekend for families and friends, a weekend never to be forgotten!


Why this campaign?

Hosting the first Dutch Grand Prix in 2020 is our goal. We fully support the Zandvoort efforts to obtain the GP and at the same time we want everyone to be aware that TT Circuit Assen can provide a fantastic GP racing experience .

We are proud of Max, we are proud of Holland, and we are proud of our professional racing tracks. We are Team Netherlands. That’s why we created a fun, competitive and sportsmanlike campaign to show the world that we will always be #HupNederland, whether we are #HupAssen or #HupZandvoort.

Pedal to the metal and we will meet each other on a Dutch Grand Prix Grand Stand in 2020!



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